Beautiful, Powerful Front-End websites

Clean, Professional Looking Sites

We've created websites that are not only easy to navigate, but finally allow you to be proud of the look of your web presence. Each site is crafted by top designers, who bring beauty and motion to each design.

Have the Presence You Want

With so many tools and capabilities to choose from, your website can have resources, links, videos, and a ton more features that give you a true web presence.

Customize Your Creation

DoctorGod gives you the tools you need to make your one-of-a-kind web presence. You have the freedom to have your organization's personality shine through your site.

Content Management System(CMS)

Powerful Dashboard

Really. The dashboard create sites for you. Everything in dashboard drag and drop model. You can create your site with 0% technical language.

No Need to Know HTML or CSS

Anyone could manage their website. There's no need to know any piece of programming to make your site look the way you want it to.

Easily Add Pages & Change Layouts

You can easily add or remove any pages you'd like and customize them at any time. You can have up to 80 pages on your site.

Edit From Anywhere

The DoctorGod is web-based (as opposed to being an application you download) which allows you to sign in from anywhere to make your changes.

See Your Changes Immediately

The DoctorGod allows you to see your changes immediately - no more crossing your fingers.

Color Customization

You are given the control to adjust your entire site's colors in the DoctorGod. It's simple to change the colors, and you'll immediately see your changes across your entire site.

Constant Auto-Saving

You never have to think about whether or not you saved the last draft of your changes. We take care of that for you automatically.

Publish On Your Own Terms

Make your changes, add your media items, change pictures, and then close your browser. You can make any changes you want, but your visitors won't see them until you hit the Publish button. Publish on your terms.

Text Editing Made Easy

Text editing tools make you write your content in very effective and publish it with no tention. With the DoctorGod, you can also design your content in web format using HTML editor, and see what you're getting at all times.

Total Control

Your Dashboard gives you the ability to handle everything from website settings, date formatting, and reading options to additional design settings and even your site's statistics.

Add Links, Docs, Videos and More

You have the freedom to easily add any resources you want to your site. Embed or upload videos, add documents, link to anywhere - you have the control.

Powerful Tools

Photo Albums

Easily create multiple photo albums on your site, giving your visitors the ability to view as a slideshow, full screen, and even download your photos. All done simply and beautifully.


Easily create pages that display a list of items or people. There's a ton of flexibility, so whether you're creating a staff page, services or a listing of your products, it's guaranteed to look good.

Password Protection

There are some pages that are not meant for the general public. You can easily password protect any pages you'd like, ensuring that your information is accessible only by those to whom you choose to give access.

Social Media Integration

Easily add links to any social networks your organization is a part of. Doctorgod has a special tool that adds links for you.


Doctors can publish their power point presentations with DoctorGod. We have powerful PPT player for your presentations.

Embedded Videos

You can easily embed videos from other sites and place them on a page or in an organized media player.

Mobile Websites

View on Any Device

Your website comes with a mobile version that's optimized for small screens and cellular download speeds. Whether iPhone, Blackberry, Android or iPad - we've got you covered.

Easy Browsing

Your mobile site is formatted to make reading and navigating simple even on a limited cell phone browser.


5 GB of Storage

It's enough to post thousands of audio and video files and tens of thousands of pictures. It also means you should never have to give it a second thought.

Worry-Free Backups

We handle all backup processes seamlessly and silently. You never have to worry about losing all your work.

Reliability and Speed

High-Availability Servers

We manage dozens of servers with redundant backups and high-availability databases. We've averaged 99.99% uptime during our entire time in business.

Instant Delivery

Get Your Website Immediately

Once you purchase your DoctorGod website, you are immediately given your website link and can begin designing. No more waiting months for a finished product.

Have Your Site Up in Hours

The timing of the launch of your website is entirely up to you. Once you purchase you can wait as long as you'd like, or get it up online immediately. You have the control.

Customer Service

We're Here for You

You can reach us Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm at 044 42961000, or email us at We don't even have hold music.

Real People

When you call or email us it's our goal that you are taken care of. You'll be talking to a real person on staff with us, not someone reading a script in an outsourced customer service farm.

Support, Not Sales

We want to help you. Really - help you, not sell you. We've been known to occasionally refer potential customers to a competitor because we thought we might not be the best fit for them. We truly value providing honest, helpful customer service.

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