Doctorgod just keeps getting better.

Here are the very latest features and updates.


Pages - you can easily add and delete pages what you want.

Profile - showcase your profiles in a professional way.

Presentations - doctors can post their power point presentation online.

Articles - publish your articles online.

Social Media Integration - add your social networking websites (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.,).

Contact Form - keep in touch with your patients in a professional way.

Address with map - clearly pointout your clinic locations with map, avoid confusions.

Appointment Management

Appointment Calender - add your appointments in smoothy way.

Appointment Schedule - manage your appointments without any confusions.

Patient Management

Add Patient / Edit Patient - doctors can easily Add / Edit / Delete Patients.

Document Maintanance - doctors can maintains their personal patients documents online.

Medical Report Maintanance - can store and maintain patient's medical reports like blood test reports, x-ray reports online.

Patient History - doctors can view their patients list.

Patient Grouping - group their patients for quick retrival of directories.


Ask Questions - medical professionals & graduates can ask questions online.

Rate Questions - medical professionals, graduates and doctors can rate the best answered questions.

View Questions - people can easily find out answered and unanswered questions.

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