How DoctorGod different?

That's really the question you're asking...

Every website company has(or should have) pretty much the same features. They have some sort of way to put up your content (pictures,text,links,documents,videos,etc.), ample storage capabilities, and features you can use to promote your organization. We could talk about alll the expected features as extraordinary, and try to wow and overwhelm you with what we have to offer...

But when you think about it, there are only two things that really matter in a web solution:

Having a beautiful, professional front-end website

Being able to ceate and maintain your website easily

These are the two core needs you should demand, and surprisingly they're the biggest gap in most website services. DoctorGod was created with goal of solving these two problems perfectly and beautifully. So what's the difference with DG?

Answer: The Experience.

What sets Doctorgod apart from every other website solution is that it was created to give you the best, cleanest, professional front-end web presence available, combined with the most intuitive, un-intimidating content management system ever invented. DoctorGod was created so that anyone can manage and maintain a feature-rich website, and enjoy doing it - without feeling stupid

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